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The Wrong Way Driver In Arizona

It’s difficult to imagine a worse driving scenario: drivers that miss signs that clearly state, “Wrong Way” or get highway on-ramps and off-ramps confused, or perhaps have one too many drinks and drive straight into oncoming traffic. Unfortunately, these drivers are out there, and they cause hundreds [...]

Winter Driving Safety Tips

Contrary to popular belief, Arizona isn’t sunny skies year-round. Many regions of the state experience heavy rains, ice and snow throughout the winter months. Driving in these weather conditions comes with a slew of risks. To help ensure your safety and the safety of others, we’ve put [...]

Your Guide to Arizona DUI Laws

Arizona DUI laws are strict; the state has a zero-tolerance policy for driving under the influence. This means you can be arrested, even if your blood alcohol levels are under 0.08 percent, or if police officers have any reason to believe you’re impaired. An overview of Arizona [...]