Driver's Education with In-Car Training/Behind the Wheel

Our curriculum consists of two components, the first being 6 hours of classroom instruction, followed by 6 hours of in-car training for a total of 12 hours of training for $309 (Program changing 10-22-2012 see below).

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What are the benefits?

  • Most insurance companies offer a substantial discount for having completed our course.
  • Certified Instructors:  All of our instructors are MVD certified.
  • Creating safe habits make for better drivers.
  • We come to you for Behind the Wheel training.

The Driver's Education with Behind the Wheel Program includes:

  • 6 Hours of Classroom
  • 6 Hours of Driving
  • In-Car Lessons 7 Days a Week (except major Holidays) we can Pick-up from Home, Work or School.
  • Day and Evening Classes
  • Private Lessons
  • Adult and Teen Programs
  • Friendly and Patient Instructors
  • As of October 22, 2012 The MVD will no longer be accepting certificate of completion to waive the driving and permit test. This means you will need to take these test at the MVD. We do offer a package that includes transportation to the MVD and a vehicle to take the driving test
  • All vehicles are equipped with dual brakes, dual mirrors.  Most cars are equipped with GPS for your safety.

Our curriculum consists of two components, a total of 12 hours of training.  The first component is Driver's Education and begins with a 6-hour class.  During this 6-hour class the students learn the important provisions of Title 28 laws, defensive driving attitudes, and basic car control.  At the end of the class an MVD approved written practice test is given in preparation for the test at MVD for permit.

The second component is the Behind the Wheel program.  This is 6 hours of In-Car training, broken down into (2) 3-hour driving lessons.  These lessons are given in our vehicles and are one-on-one with the instructor.

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