Changes from the State of Arizona MVD on 10-22-12

On October 22, 2012, the state of Arizona made a major change when it comes to driver’s lessons, earning your driver’s license, and driver’s education classes. According to the state itself, “a s of October 22, 2012 the MVD will no longer be accepting certificate of completion to waive the driving and permit test. This means you will need to take these tests at the MVD.”

What does that mean for you?

Well, changes are coming in terms of how you get your driving and permit test, and unfortunately, you must take those tests at the Motor Vehicle Department itself to ensure that you pass legally and stay safe and legal in the eyes of the law.

Luckily, though, there are options for you when it comes to not only preparing for the test, but using the Stop and Go Driving School services to ensure that you are in good hands and learn to drive so that when you do show up to the MVD to take the test itself, it’ll all be a breeze for you.

New Packages From Stop And Go Driving School

To reflect the changes that the state of Arizona has made as far as testing and more, Stop and Go has instituted three new packages that you can choose from to learn to drive, improve your driving skills, or use for any reason regarding your permit, license, or other needs.

DRIVER’S ED – For $369, this is a combination of classroom and in-car training at our facility, in addition to a ride to MVD for their state mandated test itself. We provide six hours of classroom instruction, six hours of in-car driving training, and the assistance of one of our certified instructors in picking you up and taking you to the MVD for your license test itself.

3HR IN CAR TRAINING PRACTICE – For $175, if you aren’t ready for all the other training involved in the larger package, you can get behind the wheel with us and take a little more practice before showing up at MVD for your test. If you’re not feeling confident enough about your prospects, pick up our 3-hour in car training package and take on more training sessions before taking the test with MVD.

CLASSROOM ONLY DRIVER’S ED – For just $100, you can take our classroom only driver’s education test and work, ideal for individuals who need some help preparing for the instruction and classroom work that comes as part of the written test taken at MVD. The classroom practice and instruction includes no driving, but a great deal of information that is helpful when it comes to passing your driver’s license test with the state itself.

While the state’s rules have changed, it’s still critical that you prepare adequately for your driver’s test. Here at Stop and Go, we give you the tools and resources to do just that and ensure that you are ready when you go to MVD for the test!

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