Patient Driving School InstructorsNOTE: All of Stop & Go’s Driving instructors are MVD certified.

All of our instructors have successfully completed background checks, obtained fingerprint clearance, completed extensive training, and passed an exam administered by the AZ Motor Vehicle Division. Most of are former school teachers, Law Enforcement officers, and Bus Drivers. Best of all, all of our instructors are friendly and patient!


Testimonial about one of our Instructors!


My name is Esther.  Just wanted to let you know You have ONE HECK OF A DRIVING INSTRUCTOR; THAT GAL’S NAME IS STACIE!!  I took 2 – 3 Hr. driving instruction lessons from her in Oct. this year.  I have to tell you SHE (was for me) the best!!  She was calm, fun, and a wonderful personality!  Made me feel very ‘comfortable’ while driving on the road with her!

She is a KEEPER and I think a great employee for the Job Your company has.  She knows how to instruct well; and I learned a lot from her in that 2 lessons I had.  She was a real boost to my self- confidence (which I lacked in a little), and an ENCOURAGING Personality and a wonderful attitude.  I recommend her highly to You as her Employer and to think of her as: one of YOUR BEST!  Also, THANK YOU!  I’m so glad I HAD STACIE TO HELP ME, and because of HER – I PASSED!!  Woo-Hoo!!

Tell Stacie I said “hello”, and that I APPRECIATED HER SO VERY MUCH (hope you do also)!!  Keep up the good service you are doing as well.  You have a great Business in teaching, instructing all ages in how to drive ‘the right way’.

Esther R. From Maricopa, AZ.

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