Drivers Ed Questions

  1. When is my teen eligible for a permit?

    The Arizona MVD requires that a teen must be at least 15 years 6 months to be eligible for a permit.

  2. How long is a permit valid and can I renew it?

    A permit is valid for one year from the issue date.  If you are approaching expiration, you may renew for an additional year.  If you renew BEFORE the permit has expired, you do not need to re-take the written test, however if you let your permit expire, you will be required to take the written test to obtain the permit again.

  3. When is my teen eligible for a driver’s license / how long do I have to keep a permit?

    The AZ MVD issues driver’s licenses to students who have held their permit for at least 6 months and have passed a road skills test.

  4. What are the restrictions with a permit?

    Individuals with an instruction permit must always be accompanied by a licensed driver who is at least 21 years of age.

  5. What are the restrictions with a graduated license?

    Graduated licenses are issued to students between the ages of 16 and 18 who have held an instruction permit for at least 6 months.

  6. What documents are needed to obtain a permit / license?

    All students are required by state and federal law to provide a social security number to verify identity. Also when applying for a permit / license, students are required to provide the following:

    • Two types of documents:  one must have a clear photo OR Three types of documents without a photo
    • One document must be a primary source I.e.:  AZ permit, birth certificate, US passport, AZ ID card, US Military ID card
    • One document can be a Secondary document source I.E.:  Social security card, w-2 form, bank card, school ID with photo, employee ID with photo, credit card.
    • All documents must be originals OR certified copies.


  7. What kind of testing occurs to obtain a permit?

    Stop and Go Driving gives each student MVD approved practice written test when they take the classroom instruction.  This instruction is only $10.00 extra with the purchase of six hours of driving instruction.  This $10.00 covers the Alive at 25 student handbook.

  8. What kind of testing occurs to obtain a license?

    Beginning October 22, 2012 the MVD will be implementing a new policy on their part. MVD will no longer be giving any certificates of completions to any of the driving school in the State of Arizona, nor accepting any certificates that have been issued to students that have not been turned prior to this date. This means that although we will give a written test and road test to each student they will still be required to take the actual test for their permits and Arizona license at the MVD. The tests we administer are approved by MVD and will cover everything that will be given on the MVD test in preparation for the MVD test. A school certificate will be issued to the students for any insurance discounts that may be available.

  9. What is a graduated license (class G license)?

    A graduated license is issued to students who are at least 16 years old but less than 18 years old who have held a valid AZ permit for at least 6 months.

  10. What is an operators license (class D license)?

    An operator license is issued to students over 18 years of age.

  11. Will I receive an insurance discount for taking these classes?

    All students completing a driving program through Stop and Go Driving School will be issued a completion certificate to present to your insurance company.  This certificate will satisfy most insurance carriers, however we highly recommend that you check with your insurance agent to determine whether your policy has specific requirements to be eligible for a discount.

  12. Who are the instructors and what are their credentials?

    All instructors have successfully completed background checks, obtained fingerprint clearance, completed extensive training, and passed an exam administered by the AZ Motor Vehicle Division.  Our instructors are former school teachers, Law Enforcement officers, and Bus Drivers.

  13. What does MVD licensed / certified mean?

    The Arizona MVD approves and regulates professional driving schools.  Schools must submit an application and provide extensive documentation regarding offered programming.

  14. How much does your program cost?
  15. What does six hours of In-Car Driving Instruction consists of?

    Stop and Go Driving School offers six hours of in-car (behind-the-wheel) training to meet the students’ needs.  We also offer Classroom instruction to prepare you for the Arizona Instructional Permit test with the purchase of the driving instruction. We are the only driving school in Arizona that’s certified to teach Alive at 25’s classroom program…this course is the National Safety Council’s defensive driving course designed specifically for teens!

    The 6 hour behind-the-wheel driving instruction program includes 2 lessons / 3 hours each.  The classroom instruction is a 7 hour class held in multiple locations throughout the valley.  Check our map to find a location closest to you.  Students don’t need any prior experience driving, that’s what we are here to do, teach you how to drive.  Instructors will work to provide students with a variety of skill building exercises including but not limited to the following:

    • High volume traffic areas
    • Complex Driving such as Downtown Phoenix ect.
    • Freeway driving/Merging
    • Parallel parking
    • Defensive driving
    • Rural/Residential Drivin
    • Parking Maneuvers
    • Up Hill/Down Hill Parking
    • Scanning/Speed Control

    At the end of the 6 hours, the instructor will administer the MVD approved practice road skills test.There is no guarantee that students completing the 6 hour program will obtain a driver license. Individuals learn at different rates and some students may not be ready after 6 hours. Your individual instructor will provide information regarding your particular situation and advise you of your options throughout Instruction.

  16. What is Alive at 25?

    The Alive at 25 course is now included as part of our 7hr Classroom Instruction. We are the only driving school in Arizona that’s certified to teach Alive at 25’s classroom program…this course is the National Safety Council’s defensive driving course designed specifically for teens!

    This 4-hour course serves as an excellent complement to standard driver education programs – and is ideal for young drivers (ages 15-24). Through interactive media, workbook exercises and class discussions, young drivers develop strategies to keep them safe on the road. Learn more about this course here.

  17. How much driving does my teen need to meet state requirements?

    An applicant for a class G license must have a current Arizona instruction permit, which has been held for at least 6 months, or have a driver license from another state. An applicant must also have successfully completed a state certified driver education program OR the parent / guardian must provide documentation that the student has completed at least 30 hours of supervised driving practice, with at least 10 night hours.

    More information can be found on the Arizona MVD website at http://www.azdot.gov.