How to Drive in a Dust Storm

At some point you’re bound to experience one of Arizona’s iconic dust storms. They can be spectacular to watch, but driving in one can be very dangerous. Dust storms in the summer are common, so what can you do to stay safe on the road? And just what [...]

Car Care and Safety Class

You’ve got your license but how do you care for your own car? Stop and Go Driving School Car Care and Safety Clinic gives you essential skills for your taking care of your car. The clinic gives the optimal learning experience with hands on learning in your own [...]

Arizona Pedestrian Laws 101

Pedestrian right-of-way laws may seem straightforward, but when you get into the details, they can be confusing for drivers and walkers alike. Additionally, there are several misconceptions about the various crossing signals and what the technical rules are regarding each. Let’s start with the basics: pedestrian signals exclusively [...]